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10 Simple Guidelines - Student Groups

Motorcoach travel is the safest form of ground transportation for your group. We present these simple guidelines to help insure that your safety and comfort are maintained throughout the trip and that you have an enjoyable and memorable time!
  1. Due to limited storage capacity, you are allowed 1 large suitcase to be placed under the coach and 1 carry-on to be placed overhead or under the seat..
  2. Food & beverages in bulk are discouraged. We stop approximately every 3 hours for breaks at locations where snacks and/or meals may be purchased.
  3. Coolers if brought to the bus must fit under the seat. No coolers or liquids will be allowed in the overhead parcel racks. Likewise there will be no coolers or obstructions in the aisle of the coach. It is a USDOT safety regulation that aisles must be clear at all times. If large coolers are brought they will be placed under the coach only after all other luggage and equipment has been loaded. The driver will make every effort to get them on the coach but be prepared to leave them behind if there is no room.
  4. Video players on the coach will be played at a volume that all may hear but not too loud so as to distract the driver. The driver may pause the movie while going through major cities or other areas that present traffic problems beyond normal driving conditions.
  5. Motorcoaches are equipped with restrooms in the rear of the coach for your convenience. If at all possible we recommend that you wait until a rest stop to use the facilities off the coach. Schedules and locations of travel do not always occur where coach service is readily available.
  6. For your safety please remain in your seat while the coach is in motion! If you must use the restroom on the coach or get out of your seat for any reason while the coach is in motion please hold onto a seat back or the grab rail located just below the overhead parcel rack doors.
  7. Airflow and cabin temperature can be affected by placing too much stuff along the return air ducts in the coach. These openings are along the outside walls at floor level and must remain clear of any obstructions such as blankets, carry-on bags or trash. Ask the driver about these openings if you are unsure of their location.
  8. Trash on the coach can build up quickly. Garbage containers are located in the front & rear of the coach and should be used. Trash thrown on the floor or left in the seats quickly becomes an irritant to you when you try to get comfortable for the long journey and find yourself sticking to the floor or sitting in a wet seat caused by a spilled liquid container. The driver or your clean-up crew will keep the trash receptacles empty as you travel. Please refrain from throwing any debris into the toilet holding tank.
  9. Make sure you have everything (medicine, jackets, etc.) you will need while traveling in your carry-on bag. Once the large suitcases are placed under the coach it is nearly impossible to get at them without unloading everything in the compartment and delaying the progress of the trip.
  10. Flash photography inside the coach, is strictly forbidden during hours of darkness. The sudden bright light can cause momentary blindness of the driver.
Your comfort and safety is our highest priority. Following these guidelines will help us achieve that goal and insure that you have a great trip!

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